Jordenheim encompases a vast region of the world and culture and society is diverse in its making and in its living. Mythology, legend, magic and modernisation exist hand in hand - and seldom without conflict. Use the sections below to explore the world and dive into depth with the lore.


Jordenheim Historical Timeline

The recorded history of Jordenheim dates back over 1000 years now and the earliest era is called The Birth, where the Viking civilisation of Jordenheim has its first recorded pieces of history. Today, we are in the Khristian Era (985-), where the powerful religion of Khristianty is enforcing its way into the Jorden cultures and shaping its beliefs, society and structure for the coming centuries.


The Eras of history

The Birth - 579

The Founding Age

The Viking people established their first settlements and vied with the mythological creatures of the land for supremacy. This was a time of constant war and strife.

580 - 624

The Great Flight

The Viking Clans, split into too many factions, came under heavy attack and defeat by the creatures of the land. Famine and death led to huge exodus from Jordenheim in search of safer and better lands.

625 - 752

The Age of Gathering

Many of those that travelled far, returned with knowledge, teachings and new vigor. The banded together to build towns and cultures that thrived and protected themselves well against their foes.

753 - 984

The Age of Kings

Towns gew into cities. Lands were conquered. Kings were born, ruled and killed. Jordenheim split into the larger regions. The Shroud appeared as a sanctuary for the creatures of legend and magic.


The Khristian Era (985-)

We are now in the Khristian Era of Jordenheim. Khristianity is spreading thoughout the land, now that Danmark has absorbed the monothestic religion as its de facto spiritual guide. A time of civilisation, sceince and modernisation threatens the old ways of Norse culture. Magic and myth vie for their place in a changing world.



Jordenheim spans Sverige, Norge, Danmark and Suomi. Explore the geographical regions and their key influences.

Religion and Culture


Jordenheim spans a large region of the known world and local and regional life can vary enormously from area to area. Get a view of what life is like in the world in this section.

Magic and Mythos


Jordenheim is a low magic world, where its use is limited and controlled by only the gifted few. But when it is used, the outcome is uncertain.