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The Jordenheim RPG


Jordenheim deftly weaves in inspiration from actual Nordic history and culture into our flavor of magic and creativity. Set in a parallel fantasy realm of continuous war with clans vying for supremacy, the world of Jordenheim is formed by myths and lore which underpin an entire magical parallel realm. Coterminous with the familiar, is a mythical realm called The Shroud, where magic and myth is either with or against indomitable heroes of legend, its chaotic energies sometimes at odds with the land, and occasionally so connected that it's inseparable.

The themes and history of the land are written to be inspirational for the aspiring Game Master, but not proscriptive with its tropes, granting players the freedom to create adventure experiences that are vastly different from session to session. As such, the game system features a lot of flexibility in character creation, focusing on more on character concept than game mechanics mastery. You play the character you want, not limited to the featured Viking heroes, and without being tied to specific occupational classes.

The combat system is brutally fast; no more hit or miss, instead we use potential harm and threat points. Potential harm is representative of possible damage from several different attack forms, reducing an opponent’s defenses (various defense hit point pools).


Character Creation

Character creation emphasizes depth and versatility and allows for you to choose between set templates to get started quickly, or spend the time crafting an intricate blend of race, skills and abilities to really get into your alter ego.


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Combat in Jordenheim is brutally fast, and designed to keep the gaming moving at pace during the game session, instead of bottle necking at a time when the players should be feeling urgency and excitement.


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Jordenheim is a low magic world high in mythology and lore and magic feels more shamanistic as opposed to hurling fireballs. The magic, creatures and mythology of the land are woven into a tight fabric that depend on each other to survive


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The Core Rule Book


The Core Rule Book is the must have manual for those wanting to run and play games in the Jordenheim RPG. It contains a full rules and systems set that is stand alone and ready to play.

Into the Shroud


The Into the Shroud supplement is a deep dive into the Shrouded Realms, magic, pantheon and mysticism of the Jordenheim world. You will also find a comprehensive Bestiary.

The Worldbook


The Worldbook is for those looking to have the most thorough understanding of the Jordenheim World, its history, its people and details of every aspect of the universe.