Depending on where in Jordenheim you are, the Shrouded Realm pervades into the land and its cultures at different levels and in different ways. The Shroud is a physical manifestation of the magical realm where creatures of legend and myth make their home, and is believed to be a creation of the Elder Gods in an effort to save themselves and their creation against the onset of modernisation from the human population. In Danmark, The Shroud has all but receded completely. In Norge both the Easter and Western borders from North to South are heavy in the Shroud, as is so in Sverige. In Suomi the human lands and the Shroud are one and overlap geographically.


The Shroud in Sverige


A large variety of natural landscape spans the Shrouded Realm of Sverige, giving a huge bredth of adventuing possibilites - to those brave enough.

The Shroud in Norge


Stark mountain backdrops give way to fields of life and death in the varied and dangerous regions that are the Shroud in Norge.

The Shroud in Suomi


In Suomi the creatures of myth and legend, that are enemies of man in other parts of Jordenheim, are friend to the Suomi.