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The Jordenheim® world is a unique IP that mixes mythology and lore from Viking Scandinavian history and culture with our own twists, incorporating an alternate timeline to world history and events. Its a rich and diverse world of content that can be explored in stories, games, video games and interactive media. We hope you enjoy your stay and encourage you to explore this deep setting across all our available content.

The Journals of Astrid of Guilon


Astrid of Guilon, a famous adventuress of her time, was also an ardent historian and chronicler. Learn about the history and regions of Jordenheim by perusing her writings.

The Book of Leif the Elder


Leif Hugvardsson, a noted warrior and traveller, famous for his many encounters in the Shrouded Realm of Jordenheim, brings you his wisdom of this dangerous and diverse realm.

Tales by the Fireside

Our talented writers and artists bring Jordenheim to life in many types of content for your enjoyment. In this section you have our written content, full of comics and short stories.